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Part of: Youth Events Wikipedia Break-Out Workshop Part 2

The Albany

Wikipedia Break-Out Workshop Part 2

Maybe you want to help decolonise the internet or want the world to discover great poets and writers from beyond the western canon. Join our Wikipedia editathon workshops and add your voice to the world’s 5th most visited website. At this second workshop, we will be leaping into action, adding new pages to Wikipedia about important writers from outside the anglophone bubble.

The PTC is running two workshops focusing on adding, updating and expanding wiki pages about poets and other writers from Asia Africa and Latin America. Wikipedia is an amazing global resource but the English version has an unsurprising anglophone bias and overall it doesn't cover poets particularly well and that's what we're trying to help fix with these events.

The Wikimedia Foundation will be sending out a skilled and experienced Wikipedian, to help guide us through the process of editing Wikipedia, both the practicalities of changing the site itself and the research and referencing skills you need to effectively improve the online encyclopaedia 

This workshop is part of our ongoing young people's programme. This is an ongoing series of activities aimed at young people looking at the wider issues around poetry, translation and decolonisation.