Aguifreda Cove

They pile up at the foot of the cliff,
solid and clotted,
the rocks which have been falling,
sliding down without reaching the sea
that bellows, smokes and breaks down below.
In thousand of years time,
you tell me from the top of this viewpoint path,
this will all be sand.
We watched this niche of sea
and as if our point of focus got bigger
or suddenly everything reversed,
we became infinitely smaller,
and almost dwelled inside those huge rocks.
Walking the beach we contemplated
the granular movement of sand,
the debris and the shells
and we sheltered in any one of those pebbles.
As we shrank we ran our fingers over the pebble's grain,
a wall from which the sandstone loosens,
our own boundary.
Fractures and fissures of accumulated mineral, this is what 
      we are.
The debris of the shadows and seams of grey
began to glimpse themselves in the sky.
Breathing again brought back the pines,
the line of the coast, the path.

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The poem is average. it moves way too qulikcy for me, and is slightly awkward in some places, maybe try being more concise, exploring different words. I liked the first 8 lines, the last 4 are really weak.

Josue Montes Cone

Amazing!!! Faboulus!! I love it!!
Es la escencia innata del mar
que entre sus espumosas olas
se lleva y mece los recuerdos
se lleva y mece la esperanza
parece acercarce y con caricias recias
llevarse mis sufrimientos
pero solo se lleva la esperanza
que estando lejos, se pierde
y oscurece con el alba.
Paso a paso en el arrisco,
me adentro a no pensarte mas
el polvo de las piedras
se sumerge en el abismo,
tengo tendidas de mis manos
tus gaviotas, que con sus garras afiladas
se aferran a mis brazos,
asediando mis memorias
de cuales ellas se alimentan
como siempre tan gustosas.
las muerden, las despedazan
sus boronas quedan bautizadas
entre el velo largo de las olas
donde se lleva y mece los recuerdos
se lleva y mece la esperanza.

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