Happy Valentine


The title is in English in the original

Notes on the literal translation:

[1] Reference to fairytales/epic tales of what people could do for love

[2] White flowers that look like ears

[3] Quite an emphatic word ZAR, suggests a wailing kind of complaint) // from / you / I am without ZAR = I can't take it anymore (expression) => Azita herself likes the translation I hate you, which is another meaning of the expression and it contrasts with ‘I love you' in the second line.

[4] Common expression, on its own this also means ‘don't worry about it'

[5] Disapproving sound - a similar expression could be used here to express disapproval or disgust - oh my god etc.

[6] In Persian this is ‘Halwa' (sweet meats? Halwa is a type of sweet made out of flour, oil and sugar, it's made traditionally for weddings and funerals

[7] also used in halwa

[8] Tossing and turning, wriggling (in farsi this is an onomatopoeic word ‘VOOL VOOL' meaning to move around / in, amongst / each other

[9] Rimbaud's hair was always messy, he looked unkempt

[10] this expression, haleto chak chak kardan, has been translated elsewhere as ‘to make you beg'

[11] The warty cat being the lover / no sign will be placed on in so that it doesn't get lost

[12] onomatopoeic to imply sizzling

[13] another onomatopoeic word, here a clanging noise

[14] those who complain, moan NEGH NEGHOO (another onomatopoeic word, here it means moaning and refers to the annoying sound of someone complaining constantly)

[15] The narrator

[16] This line is made up of three onomatopoeic words, that denote the sound that keys might make, or of something that rings - obviously implying the breaking glass. In Persian it sounds like GERANG O GERING. Could be translated either with the use of other sounds, or with the indication that the stone has been thrown.

Elhum Shakerifar, Literal Translator

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Hi Dear…
Very Nice….....I like ur poems…........And I as an Iranian proud to you as<span class=“hps”> aPersian poet</span>! Be success dear.

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