Silence saw beautiful dreams
And remembered [brought to memory]      the fold of someone's shoulder in the sky
And you became a bird           With wounds larger than your shadow
Remembered [brought to memory]               Your fingers with that bruised trace
And the small cut up wings in an envelope
And remembered [brought to memory]
How well we have fought [with each other]
Till forgetfulness hugs death [takes death in its arms]
You are standing like a tree
[that] becomes green, gives leaves
and fruit; a lantern alight with blood
longer than
the words that cut us shorter and wrote us emptier
In this emptiness
Your knife is sharp
It's created a pit/cavity in the passing of the years [the length of the years]
Full of black [referring to the pit]
Silence continued us
It discharged me into bad dreams
In this cloudy weather and the clouds wrapped around us / this cloudy
weather twisted around us
and it had no pocket sized mirror
for you to believe
that rain is brighter than your clouds