Living life out of habit

I have started living out of habit  
In this habit of living life
If it is a rainy day  
Then out of habit
It will rain
If I have forgotten to carry my umbrella
Then out of habit
I forget to carry my umbrella
And get drenched
When lightning strikes
Then lightning strikes
Living, sitting, standing, working out of  habit
Gathering a whole lot of the past from a  little bit of the future
And yet the future remains abundant  
In such a state, making up my mind about  whether God exists, I say
Make me a good human being
And make everyone happy
As a result of my efforts, from absolutely nowhere,
Appears a flood of sorrow, more than I know out of habit  
As if a dam of sorrow burst in my  
And that one straw of happiness that does  not drown,
Floats in the sorrowful face
In the form of a smile  
It does not let me drown, nor the neighbourhood
And when lightning strikes
Then lightning strikes
In the darkness, in the glow of the lightning
I tread carefully forward
While living life like this out of habit
When I die
Then maybe someone will say I am still alive
But I will still be dead  
And it will be raining
And so in this habit of living life
It will be raining
And after dying, I will
Out of habit
Forget to carry my umbrella.

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