Lonavala Dawn

Birdsong like liquid medicine drops into ear
Put on clothes get out of bed
Go out the door
In the distance see in the mist of dawn
A {wearing white clothes}- Indian person squatting on the river bank taking a shit
This sight I in {Naipaul
About India}- those [harsh/unkind/cruel] [letters/writings]
Long ago read
He in book wrote:
A row of Indian people
Squatting on the river bank taking a shit
Shitting while chatting
As if socialising
I because of this open wide both eyes
Stretch neck into distance
Want to see whether there are any other shitting people
Only then discover
It turns out I saw wrong
There is no {wearing white clothes}- Indian person squat on river bank at all
But rather a little egret
Standing there

—May 3rd 2016

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