The Boat That Brought Me


Notes on the literal translation:

*Lines 7 - 10 literally translated word order:

Sometimes words in my coughs
And the foamy moon in the glass
Get lost

** Lines 16 - 17 literally translated word order:

waves, like/in the manner of beauty, would come like love
and then would remain [the literal words used here are: sit once again]


[1] This is the image of a foamy drink and the implication is that the poet is choked up and can't get her words out, so they're lost as they would be in the foam of a drink

[2] The meaning of this is that she can't speak the words she wants to speak or say the poems she wants to say

[3] This is referring to a type of writing or calligraphy, and she's saying that she will draw her footsteps in this manner - I will forward you examples of the type of calligraphy

[4] An image of cold frozen eyes, the image that Sweden's eyes are like winter

[5] The image of carrying a piece of her country's sky in her suitcase.

Elhum Shakerifar, Literal Translator

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