A Contract

I propose
one of my nights and a day to be yours only
I decided
to cease the travels of my head
to benumb the waves
only your sigh to be in my home
I close up doors, windows and all gaps to prevent the wind

my lady
you only for once
test yourself
make one day and night of yours for me only:
and break the line of all traditions
turn upside down all the rules!
From the surroundings
Family and acquaintances you creep away
From the stars and the moon …
from the cloud and the blue sky
from the hectic and burdening world
you creep away,
do not look at the clock’s dial
like the other days do not make yourself busy
this olden world will not turn upside down
only once
for a night and a day
kill the half woman and be a full woman!
I will be only yours for one night and a day
And you become mine only for one night and a day

Helsinki 18/5/2000

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Excellent translation, hope you be success


one of the best poems of Pashew. this translation is very close to the original.thanks.


Good work, hope you be success with Pashew


Very nice translation, your hand be good.

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