Park and Evening's News and the World's Highest Roof

Light is decreasing
Somewhere else it's getting light
We are thinking about the evening
While strolling amidst the park trees
Which are standing with arms folded, still
Somewhere it rained
Here it got cold
The wind coming, brought along
Tired voices,
Come, let's go back
Before darkness comes
We stopped and saw the light
Being erased from the sky
I wish we were a tall tower
And could see where it (the light) goes after all
But whose hand is this erasing it
Today at the allocated broadcasting time
Of evening's main news
the world will wash its tired face
The century will end without an epic
These days we will spend the days of stillness in uproar
There was a time when
The sprouting/growing of  the day
and the sinking of the evening were something to think about
It was the Stone Age as if just a while ago
I dreamt that we were on the highest roof of the world
Even so the stars were very far
And darkness was endless

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