For The Grass Too, Is Like Me

I tell you, the grass and I are alike 
It is only by laying down for feet to tred over it
That life’s intentions for it become known
But when it is drenched
Is it a testament to 
Feeling ablaze with disgrace
Or the burning intensity of emotion?
The grass too, is like me
Just as it becomes capable of lifting its head
a machine in a black-bile frenzy to transform it into soft velvet
Flattens it continually
Woman, too you strive to flatten
In so many different ways
Neither the ground’s wish to live dies 
Nor Womans
If you listen to me, that idea you had?
To create a footpath was the right course of action
Those who cannot endure the scorch of defeated morale
Become patched into the ground
In this way, creating a path for the opressors
But they are merely straw
Not the grass
The grass is like me! 

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