The World Is Nothing


As you'll see from Alireza's literal translation, the word 'ring' occurs three times whereas we had to change 'ring' to 'hoop' and then 'noose'. A very powerful small poem, with a devastating final line.

In the original Farsi, none of these poems has a title. Because of the way our website is set up, we've had to use the first line as the title for each of them.

Sarah Maguire, Workshop Facilitator

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Max Ahmadi USA

Your poem is massively intense. From woman view first, then man kind . it takes a lion to jump through a ring of fire, getting burnt is physical price for the jump. Hearing history about it many yeas and many mouths later is the reward . You are (sheer Zaneh Irani).
my regards and respect t from Anaheim, California

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