The Yellow Sock

What is this damned rain doing
To  these late days of July
Persian silk tree       male black locust   not yet that
dying rose bays
And with this weeping willow
Which just recently matured         to a dark green color

With windows           rooftops
With words we remember less

Don’t hang up
Wait to hear the  gutter’s cough         the sparrow’s sneeze
And the sigh of one of me who still thinks of you

What is this damned rain doing
To these late days of July
Leaves somewhat dangling          benches chained
And the empty seat of that woman
Who left          at the corner of my mind
An oblique look
A slanted smile              and a yellow sock

July 2004

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Comments (4)


i like i though i ‘m at the beginig of poem road.


  I l like it. i wish i could know more about the poetic images.


That looks like a typo to me—“sidelong glass” should be “sidelong glance,” right? Fantastic word choice with ‘sidelong’ though


...ancient benches
and the empty chair of a woman
who left          in the corner of my mind
That was fabulous!

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