'this morning'

this morning
went out to buy some bread
any coincidence
is a mere coincidence
but there is no coincidence
wx all now
there might be a conspiracy
framing much ranting
tension or even the pregnant
woman of taubaté pregnant
of the ET from varginha
luvv plisss #elenão nope
just that coincidence
those that leave
people like this
their faces
their hair standing
i doubt it
in this case
because the Cunt! is red
i mean
because Cunt! is written
in really red letters
does it mean that
it is a communist cunt?
or a gayest cunt?
or a worker cunt?
from the workers party?
or is she from that demonic cult?
the MTST? or the MST?
is she a cuban cunt?
or a venezuelan one?
is she an American cunt?
or a martian one?
is she really a cunt?
a real cunt?
or is she one of those we
only see on tv?
is it for sale on the 25?
can i pay with card?
because she is red
does it mean that
she is menstruated?
or is it a coapted one?
is it a bradesco cunt?
or a santander?
is she still a public cunt?
or has she been privatised?
is she a compromised cunt?
or is she a sold cunt?
has she given up?
or is she super engaged?
is she in the armed fight?
or in the armed forces?
is she the total neo-liberal type?
or is she a prude cunt?
is she a fascist cunt?
or is she a fashionista?
is she a free for all?
or does she play rough?
like the athleticism type
pole-vaulting obstacles
barricaded and fuck knows what else?
what really is a cunt?
what is it for?
can you explain it to me?
what are you afraid of?
is it to look at or to eat?