Two Women

please, please come in
a smile easy and portent
         - there are masks at the back wall —
this house is open open is my heart
see all the flowers on the table
         - the phone rings just cut it off —
spacious and pleasant here we can have peace
close to the children who play on the floor
take off the weapons life's equipment
         - the turmoil of the city is beyond the fence —
here is space pleasant with refreshments on the table
and open to each other words begin to be entrusted
your life my life bright colours in
         an ashen pattern and specks of
black crimson are being brushed off the dress
and fragrant mist enwraps the stage
coloured rings move about fast orbiting between sparkling
         thoughts utterances reflections
laid out on the table between cups car keys
and intentions that came to nothing
         - the turmoil of the city is beyond the fence —
plans that must be chased
an hour a day the core of life
         is being squeezed for an instant….
ah this play
for too long a time whenever
two women talk

Sajak-sajak 33 (1974:36)

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I haven’t been writing poerty of late. All these poems date back many years now. I do write, though, but it’s a paid gig for a national trade magazine. I also write marketing/promotional stuff for a local start-up company. Both are part time gigs.

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