Uncle Abdur-Raheem

first thing
in the morning
quickly did his prayer
mumbling mumbling
mentioned worshipers
fiddled with his prayer beads
looked down to the ground
burdened, mumbling
looked up to the heavens
up there
there were clouds
and many far away stars
it was summer time
she didn't ask (him)
whether he slept well
nor did she affectionately
or passionately touch him
not a wink of the eye
from a sincere heart
just like the warm
old good days
she wasn't actually there
she was in the (stable)
getting his donkey ready (for him)
or milking the goats
for morning tea
birds were still mute
they had not sung yet
Uncle Abdur-Raheem
hesitantly left home
down by the waterfront he met
his poor co-workers
some came from(Ajjiref)
some from the mountain
is everyone alright?
greeting and teasing them
nagging (ly) (he) argued with them
they annoyed him till he cursed (them)
but Uncle Abdur-Raheem
never gets upset
people round here
do not know anger
get angry with who?
get angry for what?
all people round here
are all mates
they are one family
even when they are not relatives
still bonded by work
whatever happens
long may you live my friend they say
with whatever you have
with hope and aspiration
Uncle Abdur-Raheem
you were a farmer in the past
free to sleep
free to get up
no register to sign
no lunch breaks
watering your field in moonlit nights
cultivating in starlit nights
but times as always have to change
on his way to work
Uncle Abdur-Raheem

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Abubakr Mohamed Eljack

I appreciate your efforts ,but this song particularly must be fully translated in order to be understood and reflect the poet idea. so please do your best and publish a full translated version.
Best regards

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