Water of Jellyfish


From El ser que va a morir [The Being that is Going to Die] (1981).

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Alaina Pritt

Wow awsome poem  From her son Dustin


it was a really nice poem im doin a poem project and im choosin this to be one of my three favorite poem :D


Never have I read something so sensual. Each word makes each of my senses dance-and at the same time! So I’m not sure if I’m tasting,seeing,hearing or feeling. My sense are at their confused best but what a delightful state to be in.


wow cool poem its long! .......... bravo!

Sallie Lupton Jennings

This is a poet of immense visual and tactile imagination. We never hear, smell or taste the water, but what a feast for our eyes and skin sense of water in all its shifting shapes , moods and colors, its settings and its inhabitants.

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