We did not leave Egypt (To my sons and my daughters)

(To my sons and my daughters)
We did not leave Egypt
We were slaves
And we stayed slaves
And no bread
Not because we hurried
Because no money
To buy in the grocery shop
Pharaoh Still lives and rules over us
He and his eunuch and his three
In the store house
The slavery is modern
The hunger the same hunger
You said there will not be another
(I in truth do not manage to understand why,
Maybe it is equal to you to weigh this
Again from new) so at least
You will shake the earth
You will tear the sea.
An old woman on a bench
Under your heaven the work of your fingers a moon
A guy looks for a meal
Like a cat on the rubbish heap
Dust and dung
And no revival
We did not leave Egypt
And I do not mean to lie
To my sons and daughters.

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