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Portrait of Corsino Fortes

Postcards from the High Seas

written by Corsino Fortes
translated by Sean O'Brien


Crioula, you will tell the guitar
Of the night, and the dawn's small guitar

Postais do Mar Alto


Crioula ! dirás ao violão
Da noite e à viola do madrugar

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Portrait of Shakila Azizzada

View from Afar

written by Shakila Azizzada
translated by Mimi Khalvati

I'm left again with no one standing behind me,
ground pulled from under my feet.


بازخالی می شود پشتم
خالی می شود باز زير پاهايم

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Portrait of Dilawar Karadaghi

An Afternoon at Snowfall

written by Dilawar Karadaghi
translated by The Poetry Translation Workshop

I'm not here.
What a shame, tomorrow day will break

An Afternoon at Snowfall in the original language

The first two lines of the poem titled An Afternoon at Snowfall


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