Distant and Never so Close

distant and never so close
we walk on/over an earth/land which sinks/capsizes/founders/collapses
lying (down) on it or simply on foot
we sense/feel the bucking/plunging/prancing about of time

it is not about fearful flames
nor ungovernable seas
on this earth/land mind and body
have the same swaying/to-ing and fro-ing/lurching/backwards and forwards motion/ups and downs/coming and goings
in the air which lacks weight
now that/since nothing is different in memory
from what we have seen or imagined

we dream as we live
waiting without certainty or science
the only thing we suspect definite/definitive/final
the final chord in the vague music
which envelops/encloses us

sometimes doubt
explicit like/as a flower
with petals and signs induces/persuades us
to turn/spin/swivel/pivot/wheel on our axes/axles
to be thirsty
to drink stained with ink/inked/ imaginary/imagined lips
in/at the oldest and most mortal wineskin

dark place/spot site/place/room/space of light
it would be the sky in the eye which looks at itself
in the hand which closes/heals
to take hold of itself/seize itself
out in the immensely open

in the end/when all is said and done as he who closes a coffin
or a letter
a ray of sunlight/sunbeam/ray of sun
like a/as a sword will rise up to blind us
and bit by bit open the darkness
like a fruit surprisingly/unexpectedly wounded
like a door/gate which hides nothing
and only guards the same thing

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