Family Secret

I dreamed of a dog
of a skinned dog
its body sang its red body whistled/wheezed
I asked the other (one)
the one who turns out the light the butcher
what has happened
why we are in the dark

it's a dream you are alone
there is no-one else
light does not exist
you are the dog you are the flower which barks
sharpen your tongue sweetly
your sweet black tongue of four legs

man's skin burns with the dream
human skin burns disappears
only the mutt's red pulp is clean
true light inhabits his sleep (from eyes) /rheum
you are the dog
each night you are the skinned mutt
dream of yourself and it stops/it is sufficient/enough/
that's it

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Comments (2)

Michael v

a dark poem indeed, but a likable one at that


This poem says Spanish with English but there is only English??!!..
Response from PTC: Not true! The Spanish version is available here.

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