Hope lonely is

People ‘despair is lonely’ say
I hope more lonely reckon
despair gravity’s peace shall I call?
Pig bacon become until the time
strength all taken, just blood pool into sinking down enough surely
still head in pink smile/laugh isn’t it? In despair
that sort of sorrow’s warmth there is


Hope at times first-aid offer does
hope’s first aid hating humans at time there can be,
maybe it’s possible.
Despair offers more comfort while saying,
in the breeze trembling a bright ray of sunlight following,
to obtain medicine from afar came but
that medicine does not work already convinced
you sickness now grew deeper


Hope’s totem pole being cactus


from the dictionary all the words flew away even on a night when,
after taking off my shoes side-by-side, before a chair quietly standing
blue lightning-like at that moment even
again hope-word barely remaining
that hope-word because of, all discard cannot.
The hope-word the world’s ruins being completed prevents.
why I don’t let the ruins continue, asking
my breast while beating
rather that hope because of
frighteningly lonelier times there are


Hope’s totem pole that’s cactus
blood dripdrop flows till still, more, fully, to love it’s a command


To escape I wish, finish though I wish
reason-without sharing that bright sunlight wasteful
in water blood spreading like . . .
hope and I
hope life-sentence is.
Hope lonely is

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