portrait of Alireza Abiz

Alireza Abiz

Alireza Abiz is an Iranian poet, literary critic and translator.

Abiz has written extensively on Persian contemporary literature and culture. His scholarly book ‘Censorship of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Politics and Culture since 1979’ is forthcoming by I. B. Tauris.

He has so far published three collections of poetry in Persian; ‘Stop! We must get off’, ‘Spaghetti with Mexican sauce’ and ‘I can hear a tree from my desk’. His fourth collection ‘Black Line- London Underground’ will be published in Spring 2017. Abiz is an award-winning translator and has translated some leading English language poets including W.B. Yeats, Ted Hughes, Basil Bunting, Derek Walcott, Allen Ginsberg and C.K. Williams into Persian.  

Abiz has also worked in the media as a journalist and broadcast journalist and is currently employed as the Creative Director in a media company.

He has been working with Poetry Translation Centre for a few years now, leading workshops on poetry from Iran and Afghanistan.

Poems translated by Alireza Abiz