The Mountain Of Your Body Is A Strange Poem

I will merge with you
Emerging as Tahmineh from under your loins
Not in these sorrowful flatlands
But right into the mountain of your body
Amidst awe-inspiring rocks and a mouth hiding wolves
I will merge with you
Making my face bloom fire
Not in this silenced middle ground
But amid dishevelled clouds
Amid strange shapes of memories
Amid my craving for your shifting selves
I will merge with you
I’ll become passion I’ll become feast
Filled with light I’ll become drunk
Not at the threshold of an open door
But within a narrow window
Within your crowding presence
Within the curse of your silhouette
Within that flicker of light left in your arms
I will merge with you
Become myth
Me drunk and you insane
I will rise
Who will lead us home? Pouring from my dress
Red white black and a little purple
It will be my fate
When I merge with you