Railings Around the Crib

Since I created myself in youth
Years had gone by
Until I discovered your embrace,
Scholars walked dazzled under the rain, asking
Did Phoenicians create fire?
Did Phoenicians create the alphabet?
The purity of the first instance is repeated in the last
Tell Plato,
Life is crumpled memories
leading to more pain than the original wounds
Tell Plato,
Why do you go on so much?
Let us live
Let us bake cakes with jam
And walk on the side of the road
It's the hour of midnight prayers
I don't know who to worship
I thank you, oh grudges sitting on the steps of my mind!
I thank you, oh moments brimming with the cloud of betrayal
In bright streets!
I thank you, oh blue flames of rendezvous on bare balconies
You are worthy of worship and gratitude
You who bestowed upon me the gift of awakening
You who bestowed upon the addict next door his awakening
Please bestow upon the colourless curtains of this old room
A colour, crimson
And help the event happen in my absence
Shall we philosophize or live?
The young man gazed at constellations of grapes until the end of his life
And sat on the steps
The railings around the crib are built in vain
Be patient and let the Earth revolve around the Sun
And let the Sun revolve around the Earth
And let Jupiter choose his favourite planet and be satisfied
Then, I will gain a true understanding of knowledge,
I will banish love with a kick from the marrow of my bones
I will take the blame for the murder of doves
None of us were proven to be sober that night
Isn’t it strange?
We are two people
But we have four chairs
And our small round table constantly lives in misunderstanding