Another Word for It

Different blues
in sky and waves.
The cloud hums a dream
of eyes open.
So what will this day be like,
this garment of moments?
The ball of thread
that knits time
taps the sleepy stones.

There may be a better way
to say this
some other day.


From ‘Patthar Ho Jaayegii Nadii, Stone-River



1 Latika Singh

this is simply beautiful. it really speaks to me and i can really relate to its words. one day….i will come back and read this poem again and it will remind me of my semi-wonderful high school days….which unfortunately are occurring this very moment as i am typing this comment. please add more of mohan rana poetry. sometimes you should have it in hindi as in my native tongue

2 Mike Oxlong

This poem is great. To me, it’s about a girl running from her responsibility to someone she loves. She’s in a coma, and she cant wake up until she finds the right words to tell that person, and resolve the conflict. . . Simple, yet beautiful.

3 Carmen

LOL, I have to say the on the internet danitg or electronic danitg has come a long way from the days of straight forward chat rooms.  More and more people are turning to on the web danitg internet sites to screen possible dates.

4 Ioan

I’m glad you liked Ian Bland,Next time, let Mr C lend a hand,For my poetry isn’t too sbahby,Rhyming here and there   quite snappy!I’d join in all the frivolity!With poems that were not mediocrity,I’d display all my talents to the full,Promise never to be the least bit dull!With rhyme and metre ruling my prose.I’d write and write, never doze (Unlike Lewis!)I’d kick off my odes with precision,Use vocabulary filled with distinction!!

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