Another Word for It

Different blues
in sky and waves.
The cloud hums a dream
of eyes open.
So what will this day be like,
this garment of moments?
The ball of thread
that knits time
taps the sleepy stones.

There may be a better way
to say this
some other day.


From ‘Patthar Ho Jaayegii Nadii, Stone-River


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Comments (2)

Mike Oxlong

This poem is great. To me, it’s about a girl running from her responsibility to someone she loves. She’s in a coma, and she cant wake up until she finds the right words to tell that person, and resolve the conflict. . . Simple, yet beautiful.

Latika Singh

this is simply beautiful. it really speaks to me and i can really relate to its words. one day….i will come back and read this poem again and it will remind me of my semi-wonderful high school days….which unfortunately are occurring this very moment as i am typing this comment. please add more of mohan rana poetry. sometimes you should have it in hindi as in my native tongue

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