portrait of Lucy Rosenstein

Lucy Rosenstein

Lucy Rosenstein did her MA in Indology at Sofia University (Bulgaria) and came to SOAS to further her knowledge of Hindi in 1991 by doing an MA and a PhD in Hindi.

While her early research focused on issues of comparative linguistics and textual criticism, her later work moved away from classical philology and embraced literary studies. She did her PhD on Braj Bhasha verse, followed by work on contemporary Hindi poetry. Her publications include numerous articles and two books: Swami Haridas and the Haridasi sampradaya: A study of early Braj Bhasha verse (Egbert Forsten 1997) and Nayi Kavita 'New Poetry' in Hindi: An Anthology (Permanent Black 2003).

In the last two decades, the main focus of her work has been child and adolescent mental health, but she has continued to nurture and be nurtured by her deep connection with poetry.

Poems translated by Lucy Rosenstein