If we could write
simply by placing
on a page
it would relieve
the pain we endure
trying to be original
at any price

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I especially agree with Susan’s comnmet “Don’t tell a story longer than the poem.” I was once at a reading where the poet only read about 5 short poems in 20 minutes because each poem had an elaborate introduction and explanation.One “don’t” I would add—if the featured reader is followed by an open mic, and you are there to participate in the open mic, don’t attempt to read every poem you’ve ever written as if you are the featured reader.


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Make sure people can hear you. Learn how to loeson and tighten the thingie on the mike that makes it go up and down, and adjust accordingly. Don’t read too fast. Don’t read too slow.Start with something funny (XJ Kennedy taught me this, though come to think of it has he written a serious poem?).Don’t just mention all the faces you recognize; welcome and thank those you don’t recognize.Some people can drink lots of high balls before a reading. I envy them because I have to be sober, or mostly sober. If you are a lightweight like me, hold off on the booze till after the clapping. Practice reading your poems a little bit before you get up on stage and belt them out. That way if you’re nervous you might not lose your place or get tongue-tied. There’s a special place in hell for those who disregard time limits.

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