Politics by Jaamac Kadiye Cilmi

Featuring: Jaamac Kadiye Cilmi, Maxamed Xasan ‘Alto’, Sarah Maguire

This week's poem is by the Somali poet Jaamac Kadiye Cilmi. The poem is read first in English translation by Sarah Maguire and then in Somali by Jaamac himself.

Jaamac Kadiye Cilmi is a traditional poet whose work addresses a range of social and political issues. He is renowned for the creation of the ‘Saar' rhythmic poetry form. Born in Las-Anod, Jama became a prominent poet throughout the Somali region and one of the few poets who compose and perform this form of art.

This month we are celebrating the launch of the anthology, 'So At One With You', an anthology of modern poetry in Somali produced in collaboration with Kayd Somali Arts & Culture and Poetry Translation Centre.