Prayer Before Bathing by Diana Anphimiadi

Featuring: Diana Anphimiadi, Natalia Bukia-Peters, Jean Sprackland

Diana Anphimiadi is one of Georgia’s leading contemporary poets.

A writer, teacher and linguist, she is the author of five poetry collections, two cookery books, and one children’s book. The
Georgian Civil War (1988–1993) brought much hardship and the conflict bred a new generation of poets and writers who channelled their experiences into creative work. Diana was one of these writers and she quickly distinguished herself as an unusually imaginative, original talent in the Georgian poetry scene. Her work refuses the formulaic or expected response, wrong-footing readers with its wit and delicacy.

This is the first release of our new rebranded weekly release: the Dual Poetry Podcast, one poem in two languages from the Poetry Translation Centre. As ever we will be releasing a translated poem each week.