The Mark by Asha Lul Mohamud Yusuf

Featuring: Clare Pollard, Maxamed Xasan ‘Alto’, Said Jama Hussein

‘The Mark’ by Asha Lul Mohamud Yusuf is addressed directly to the men ruling of Somalia / Somaliland, urging them to find peace, to bring clans together and to raise the country up.

As with many of her poems, it begins with an intro about how Asha Lul hasn't recited for a while but now she must speak.

The main body of the poem lays out her arguments.

Finally, it ends with a summary asking God to bring about a better world that leaves the reader with a hopeful tone.

First, you will hear Clare Pollard’s English Translation and then Asha Lul reading the original Somali

This month sees the publication of her first English Language collection published by Bloodaxe Books.

The collection's title The Sea-Migrations or, Tahriib in Somali, refers to the search for a better life in another country.

You can buy The Sea-Migrations here.

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