portrait of Cabdiqadir Qalinle

Cabdiqadir Qalinle

Cabdiqadir Cabdirahman also known as Cabdiqadir Qalinle is a unique poetic voice and part of a new school of contemporary Somali poetry. Currently based in Hargeysa, Somaliland; he hails from Baalidhaye a town in the Somali Region of Ethiopia and was educated in Burco. He holds a Degree in Civil Engineering from Cammuud University in Boorama. Thematically Qalinle’s poetry percolates between love and political activism both being traditional poetic concerns in Somali language poetry. Qalinle uses the word to capture and reflect the spirit of the youth to the populous and believes poetry is an act of life.

The poem 'Garnaqis' (2015) is a brilliant example of Qalinle’s socio-politically active poetry.

Poems by Cabdiqadir Qalinle