portrait of Lale Muldur

Lale Muldur

Born in 1956 in Aydın, Turkey, Lale Müldür has published eight collections of poetry and is widely regarded as one of the most important Turkish poets of the last 20 years. Her unique, individual style sets her apart from her peers, and has led to her having considerable influence on other contemporary Turkish poets.

After graduating from Robert College, Müldür travelled to Florence on a poetry scholarship, after whcih she returned to her country to study electronics and economomics at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi in Ankara. After her two years in Ankara, Müldür went to the UK to read for a BSc in economics from University of Manchester, later gaining an MA in the sociology of literature from Essex University.

Some of her poems have been set to music, most famously the song "Destina" by Yeni Türkü.

Lale Müldür is beginning to receive international recognition for her poetry: a selection of her poems, Water Music was recently published in Ireland, and her work inspired by the French painter Colette Deblé has been translated into French.

Lale Müldür's poetry collections are:
Uzak Fırtına (1998); Voyıcır II (published with Ahmet Güntan, 1990); Seriler Kitabı (1991); Kuzey Defterleri (1992); Buhurumeryem (1993); Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk (1998); Saatler / Geyikler (2001); Ultra-zone'da Ultrason (2006) (Winner of the Golden Orange, Altın Portakal, Poetry Award, 2007).

Poems by Lale Muldur