portrait of Mohammad Nurul Huda

Mohammad Nurul Huda

Mohammad Nurul Huda is a Bangladeshi poet and novelist who was born in 1949.He has written more than fifty poetry books. He is particularly acclaimed as jatisattar kobi meaning 'the poet of national identity'. A versatile writer, he is also widely known as an essayist, literary critic, translator, folklorist and intellectual property rights specialist for copyright and traditional cultural expressions. Huda has also translated the poems of the Turkish poet Yunus Emre, in collaboration with Arshaduzzaman, a Bangladeshi politician.

Huda is an awarded winning poet both in Bangladeshi and further afield. Along with Ekushey Padak, he was awarded the Bangla Academy Sahitya Award and SAARC literature Award. His poems have been translated into a number of languages. Currently he is the Director General of Bangla Academy, a national institute of arts and letters.