portrait of Piedad Bonnett

Piedad Bonnett

Piedad Bonnett, one of Colombia’s most celebrated writers, has been widely recognized as a leading voice in contemporary Latin American poetry. The author of several award-winning collections, including El hilo de los días (1995), Todos los amantes son guerreros (1998), Explicaciones no pedidas (2011; XI Premio Casa de América; Premio José Lezama Lima), and Los habitados (2016; Premio Generación del 27), she has also published works in prose, such as the novel Siempre fue invierno (2007) and the highly acclaimed Lo que no tiene nombre (2013), as well as works of literary criticism – The World According to García Márquez (2005) – and various plays, anthologies, and art books. Bonnett was born in Amalfi, about ninety miles north-east of Medellín, in 1951. She writes a regular column for El Espectador (Bogotá) and has taught at the Universidad de los Andes for over thirty-five years.

Poems by Piedad Bonnett