portrait of Tinatin Mgvdliashvili

Tinatin Mgvdliashvili

The poet, story writer and artist, Tinatin Mgvdliashvili, was born in 1955. In 1976 she graduated from the Tbilisi College of Modern and Traditional Art and since 1987 her stories and poems have been regularly published in leading Georgian magazines and newspapers.

She has published many collections of poems, including Shindisperi vtsere Leksebi (The Poems I Write Are Red as Wine, 1991), Da viko tsamde martali (Let Me Be Truthful to the Sky, 1996), Mirazhi udabnoshi (Mirage In the Desert), Urchi Mimino (The Wilful Hawk), Samadlobeli (the Georgian equivalent of

Poems by Tinatin Mgvdliashvili


  • Georgian poet, Tinatin Mgvdliashvili