Túbọ̀sún Ọládàpọ̀

Túbọ̀sún Ọládàpọ̀ is a Yorùbá language writer, poet, broadcaster, and producer. He is the author of many volumes of Yorùbá poetry some published as books, and many recorded as poetry albums, accompanied by songs and dance. His published poetry includes Aroye Akewi (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) and Arofo Awon Omode (poetry for children). His plays Ògún Lákáayé and E gbádé Fáládé were joint prize winners of the Oxford University Press drama competition in 1970. Through his record company, Ọlátúbọ̀sún Records Company, founded in 1977, he has produced over two hundred other artists producing in Yorùbá.

Poems by Túbọ̀sún Ọládàpọ̀