Sarah Maguire Prize Bundle


This order includes two Sarah Maguire Prize anthologies, the 2020 and 2022 editions respectively (RRP when bought separately £24, bundle price £18).

In the 2020 edition, our first Sarah Maguire Prize anthology, an array of languages and poets are presented. With Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Spanish and Chinese texts, alongside their beautiful translations into English, this anthology is a generous exploration of contemporary poets abroad. The 6 poets who were shortlisted for the prize and who feature in this anthology are Nouri Al-Jarrah, Takako Arai, Fawzi Karim, Kim Yideum, Judith Santopietro and Yang Lian (Winner).

The 2020 prize was judged by Alireza Abiz, Leo Boix and Ida Hadjivayanis.

Our latest 2022 edition is an equally fascinating array of poets and languages. The shortlisted poets are Salim Barakat, Najwan Darwish, Gloria Gervitz, Lee Hyemi, Fiston Mwanza Mujila and Khal Torabully. A diverse collection of languages, with a range of forms and styles - from excerpts of epic poems to brilliant one-liner musings - the collection showcases some of the top contemporary international poets.

The 2022 prize was judged by Rosalind Harvey, Kit Fan and Kyoo Lee.