the hammer and other poems

the hammer and other poems



Publisher: Poetry Translation Centre

ISBN: 9780957551121

Featured poets: Adelaide Ivánova

Featured translators: Rachel Long, Francisco Vilhena

This remarkable new collection is a selection from Adelaide Ivánova’s award-winning book the hammer (o martelo). This unsettling work considers both sexualised violence and consensual sex through a single narrative voice. It explores post-rape experience in a morally bankrupt justice system and offers potent expression of female sexuality – within and beyond the bounds of marriage – in poems that are challenging, profound, and darkly comic. Ivánova’s work is a form of impassioned resistance that delivers a necessary shock to the system.

The book is the first in our new World Poet Series which showcases the most exciting living poets from Africa, Asia and Latin America in beautiful pocket-sized bilingual editions. The poems have been brilliantly translated into English by the poet Rachel Long working with Ivánova’s frequent translator Francisco Vilhena. The text is introduced by Vilhena who places Ivánova’s poetry in context and has an afterword by the poet and scholar Emily Critchley, offering a fascinating critical discussion of the work.