To Love a Woman

To Love a Woman



Publisher: Poetry Translation Centre

ISBN: 978-1-9161141-9-7

Featured poets: Diana Bellessi

Featured translators: Leo Boix

Diana Bellessi’s trail-blazing poetry has been a source of inspiration for successive generations of Argentine poets. For fifty years, her work has confronted social, ecological and colonial exploitation with poetry of ethical and lyrical integrity. This is the first single-author selection of her work to appear in English, drawing on six of her most vital collections. At the heart of the book is a sequence of sensual love poems that helped to establish a new directness in Latin American queer poetics. 

The Poetry Translation Centre’s World Poet Series showcases the most exciting living poets from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. The poems in this edition have been translated by award-winning bilingual poet and translator Leo Boix and is completed by an afterword from Mary Jean Chan.