In the mirror

In the mirror
unimaginable enigmage?
No. Nor. But.
I will never write myself again.
I will wear grey
a Dorian Grey subject
(occluded) from rain and thunder
and I'll only stop when my blood
shuts its mouth as a whole.
Letters have already saved me
from the precipice:
Black tie, etc.

Translation notes

'Enigmage' was a word we tranported from the original: a fusion of 'enigma' and 'image'. Dorian Grey, of course, is Oscar Wilde's creation, a man who never appears to age while, in his attic, his portrait gets increasingly wrinkled.

We managed some word play of our own: 'shuts its mouth as a whole', the play in English on the mouth as a 'hole' and to shut something 'as a whole', i.e. completely.

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1 lucy

wonderful poem

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