Death Of A Princess by Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac ‘Gaarriye’

Featuring: Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac ‘Gaarriye’, W N Herbert, Maxamed Xasan ‘Alto’

Translated by W N Herbert, Martin Orwin and Maxamed Xasan.

This week's poem is 'Death Of A Princess' by Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye' from Somalia. The poem is read first in English translation by W N Herbert and then in Somali by Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye'.

‘Gaarriye’ (1949–2012) is regarded as one of the most important Somali poets of the twentieth century. He composed on a wide variety of topics, from nuclear weapons to the nature of poetry. He was the initiator of the Deelley, a very famous 'chain' of poems by leading Somali poets in the 1970s and 1980s that were critical of the regime of Siad Barre.

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This is part of our new rebranded weekly release: the Dual Poetry Podcast, one poem in two languages from the Poetry Translation Centre. As ever we will be releasing a translated poem each week.

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