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Because by Diana Anphimiadi

Listen to the poem ‘Because’ by the Georgian poet, translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and Jean Sprackland, from her PTC chapbook ‘Beginning to Speak’.

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Medusa by Diana Anphimiadi

Listen to ‘Medusa’ by Diana Anphimiadi, one of Georgia’s leading contemporary poets. This poem was translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and the UK poet Jean Sprackland.

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Braille by Diana Anphimiadi

This week’s poem is ‘Braille’ by Georgian Poet Diana Anphimiadi and has been translated by UK poet Jean Sprackland and translator Natalia Bukia-Peters.

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I Wanted to Ask by Salome Benidze

Listen to Georgian poet Salome Benidze read ‘I wanted to ask’, the title poem of her PTC chapbook, with the English version read by Salome’s Poet-translator Helen Mort.

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Helen of Troy by Diana Anphimiadi

Listen to ‘Helen Of Troy’ by Georgian Poet Diana Anphimiadine. The poet-translator Jean Sprackland read her English Version and the poet herself read the poem in Georgian.

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My Soldier Husband by Salome Benidze

‘My Soldier Husband’ is the final poem in Salome Benidze’s chapbook ‘I wanted to ask you. The poem is read by Salome Herself and her poet-translator Helen Mort.

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