Are You One of Them?!

It is rare when I care,
Except for a woman whose taste I do not see
Except for someone who traces my steps
Except for myself when I see it
I embody things
I delve in them as somebody lost in memory
I come close to the intuition of exodus

I have not seen boats adored with light
It brightens the eye
Lights the fronts of the trees - inside there is darkness
I have not embodied except a perfumed gust of wind
And I did not stay in the memory of anyone.

A great market

A great market
It swallows the sound of the scythe
Silence entrenched in the roots

The worms do not care about a woman
Who burns her history as she gives birth
O the past, who lit you
That who is coming, you have been lit
With light that does not burn the boats or pollute the hearts?!


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Worms ignore a woman
who burns her history while she is born anew





O arabe ja nasce com o dom da poesia .os poemas arabes sao os mais belos do mundo

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