I try to replace everything
The cripple chair
And the rug stretches it tongue on the tile room
I will try to replace the rug
Because it's stretches the tongue on the tile room
And the chair
Because it cripple
I will try
I said
So I have my reasons
And you have to wait
For the new shape  of the house
When the cripple chair, will leave
And deserts from a tongues
Moving on the spread sands on the floor
I will try
I said
But I don't know
If the cripple chair will wear the robe of repentance
And extend the longing bowers to stay
And I don't know if the carpet's tongues
Refrain moving between the floor cracks
I must look for a wise man to guide me
Because I try to replace everything
And I try to change everything
I try to kick the repeated day
And to free my fingers
From the rubber tree who planted above of the sky
And I have to arrange my belonging
And my belongings are
Nothing but poems knees on the door of forgetfulness
A cripple chair
And a giber rug stretching it tongues

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Comments (2)

Breanna Thompson

really intriguing

Amber Lough

This poem is beautiful and haunting. I don’t think I can forget it, if I tried.

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