Women That Really Drove Me Crazy

The women that I most loved/the most
those that drove me/made me really crazy/for sure
the girls with whom (I) wanted everything, wrote.
My mother/mum lasted/did until second grade and did not
look at my homework/notebooks, nor she could
colour a map with me nor help me
with an accounting/math exercise/problem.
The school and home were
a broken chain in/on my head.
Every time I saw her signing something;
the report for primary school,
a document at the bank,
I noticed that she was doing it slowly/calmly
like someone recovering/recuperating from a blow.
I ask myself if the women I loved
those that drove me really crazy/for sure
the girls with whom I wanted everything
were my intellectual upward mobility/force
if choosing women who write
is to hide that which I lack/is missing in me
every time I leave them
or they leave me.

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