portrait of Shooka Hosseini

Shooka Hosseini

Born in Tehran- Iran, Shooka Hosseini started writing poetry in her teens and her first collection “ The Earth Was a Political Planet” was published in 2015 and won the second prize in Shamlou Poetry Awards in 2016.

Shooka is one of the outspoken younger generation of female poets who writes boldly about all matters of social, political and intellectual life and her sharp unreserved tone, erotic and feminist approach complemented by a mastery of form has brought her recognition among the literary circles in Iran and the Persian-speaking world.

She studied Persian Literature and did her post-graduate studies in Linguistics. She is currently back at university training to become a clinical psychologist.

Shooka is also a performance artist and has performed with a number of renowned musicians and artists. Standing Words, Death is Distributed Justly and Women Speak in My Head are just a few of her successful performance poetry projects. Shooka writes book reviews and literary criticism and has also gained herself a reputation as a theatre critic.

Her second collection Streets in my Head is forthcoming.

Poems by Shooka Hosseini