portrait of Nariman Youssef

Nariman Youssef

Nariman Youssef is a translator who has also worked at various times as web developer, curriculum designer, editor and researcher. Her translation projects are varied and have included the controversial 2012 Egyptian constitution draft (for the English-speaking Egypt Independent); poetry for a number of anthologies; and The American Granddaughter (Bloomsbury, 2010), a novel by Inaam Kachachi dealing with the war on Iraq.

Since September 2013 she has been Translation Manager for a portal of online archives created by a British Library Qatar Foundation Partnership.

Nariman’s personal response to the first days of the Egyptian revolution was published as part of the e-book series Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest (Random House, 2011). Having grown up in Cairo, Nariman has lived and worked between Egypt and the UK since 2001. Her somewhat dormant blog can be found at www.multivalence.wordpress.com.

Poems translated by Nariman Youssef