Our Old Bed

I wait for you in a bright shadow
lit by matches struck from the tree
under whose branches we said goodbye
When you arrive
fluids purl along my veins
the way clouds arise from the sea
And I stumble between your thighs
towards the cure
for this unstaunchable wound
Our bed is of sand
formed from ancient sediments
soft as a rumour
Together on this silk
desire fills our voices like flocking birds
like a new friendship filling the night
You and I are a late-night conversation
in a tavern by the sea
at the fount of the horizon
Nurtured by longing
we come to this shore
to teach the dawn new tricks
And we go to the forest
to gather wood from new trees
Stone gives birth to stone
and I will wait for you forever
knowing that nothing can stop the earth
rolling down the mountain of life.

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Bobbb   I love that sentiment you sheard,  I am my universe   amazing how something can be so freeing and terrifying at the same time Lydia   glad you enjoyed it   poetry (and prose) have a different feel when they’re read out loud. I try to read all of my pieces out loud before I finalize them.DFTP   I agree   looking for that moment can be dangerous   there really is never a right or perfect time for those turning points in our livesSuki   thanks. I’m hoping my latest reading (still Chodron!)helps me recognize those moments. HB   hmmm.. I like this poem   captures my feelings perfectly!Cabacurl and anne-Marie   thanks for dropping by   and glad that you found something in the poem that spoke to you!Michael   thank you for your posting that helped inspire it .. it is reassuring to *find* like minds out there


reading the English traslation first and then the original poem made me see how the translation is far better than the original poem.

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