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Part of: Poetry Translation Workshops Summer 2019 Season Translating Brazilian Portuguese Poetry by Érica Zíngano

Poetry Translation Centre

Érica Zíngano's work circulates around poetry and visual arts, and she has been exploring the enunciation of poems in performative actions. Her work will be introduced by the editor and translator Francisco Vilhena & poet Adelaide Ivánova.

This workshop is part of a new initiative at the PTC to invite our touring poets and translators to introduce us to new writers from their culture that have inspired them. In 2017 Francisco Vilhena introduced us to the poet and activist Adelaide Ivánova at one of our workshops, that relationship has lead to a collection of her work 'The Hammer and other poems', being published by the PTC in 2019. Now Adelaide is introducing us to Érica Zíngano, helping us get a better view of the exciting contemporary poetry scene they are both a part of.

Érica Zíngano was born in 1980 in Fortaleza, Brazil, and since 2014 she lives and works in Berlin. She was invited to the literary festival W:ORTE, in Innsbruck, and she also participated in the anthology your + 1 - some berlin-based international writing, organized by Ricardo Domeneck. In 2013, she published with hochroth Berlin the book Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn (I don’t know why - Drawings and textsto Unica Zürn), translated into German by Odile Kennel.

Francisco Vilhena is an assistant editor at Granta magazine. He writes short essays and translates from the Portuguese; his work can be found in Modern Poetry in Translation, clinic, Wasafiri, Brooklyn Rail, Granta and elsewhere.

Adelaide Ivánova is a Brazilian poet and artist. She lives between Berlin and Cologne. Her first poetry collection, O Martelo (The Hammer) won the Rio de Janeiro Poetry Prize in 2018. Her work has been featured in English in clinic and Alba Londres.

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This workshop is part of our Adelaide Ivánova Tour.

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